SJLC ELCA Scholarship App19Senior High Youth at St. James Lutheran Church

The senior high youth are invited for social time at St. James every other Wednesday from 6:00  to 9:00 p.m. Various social and service outings are also scheduled throughout the year, from bowling to the haunted house at Valleyfair. Sunday mornings also offer the youth a chance to socialize and learn more about their relationship with God.
Each summer the senior high youth go on a mission trip. Recent trips include the National Youth Gathering in Detroit, West Virginia, the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans, Grand Marais, MN, and Colorado. The relationships between the youth and God are strengthened right before their eyes while on these trips.

The Senior High now has a special group page on Facebook that will have pictures from events, information, as well as a place for them to interact with each other. Check with Ryan Walesch for more information about this group page, called St. James Lutheran Church-Senior High Youth. “Our youth group always has a lot of fun whether we are at an event or just chillin on Sundays.”

“I really like going to youth events because everyone is so close and we always have so much fun with each other.”