Resources To Push Your Faith
Anti-Racism Resources
Holy Week, Weds Mar 31
Intro – It’s Not What We Expected, Watching for a New Thing (5 min)
Practice – Waiting In Love (6 min)
Easter Sunday, April 4
Practice – What New Thing Rises? (7 min)
6th Week of Lent, Weds Mar 24
Intro – holding multiple things at once (4 min)
Practice – we shall overcome (7 min)
Palm Sunday, Mar 28
Intro – complicated relationships (3 min)
Practice – complicated relationships (7 min)
5th Week of Lent, March 17
Intro to the fifth week of lent – emptiness and love (6 min)
Practice – pure awareness (7 min)
5th Week of Lent, March 21
Practice – longer pure awareness with more silence (17 min)
4th Week of Lent, Mar 10
Intro to the fourth week of lent – embodied practice
Practice – pendulation
4th Week of Lent, Mar 14
Practice – Longer RAIN Session
3rd Week of Lent,
Mar 3
Intro to the third week of lent – self-compassion
Practice – mindfulness of thoughts and emotions
3rd Week of Lent,
Mar 7
Practice – RAIN
2nd Weds of Lent,
Feb 24
Intro to the second week of lent – resourcing for the journey.
Practice – Small Universe
2nd Sunday of Lent, Feb. 28
Practice – Loving Kindness
Resources from Pr. Kyle
Grace to you and peace,
In my sermon on April 25, I promised to provide a list of resources that have helped me to grow over the last couple of years. I encourage you to find time to read, watch, listen and engage as we work to bring the Kingdom of God closer for all people. These are pivotal times and our voice is important. We are all starting in different places, and that is ok, our responsibility as Christians is to continue to grow.
Here are a few resources that have had an impact on my journey:
1- A Good Time for Truth; Race in Minnesota: Edited by Sun Yung Shin. These are essays on the history of Minnesota published by the Minnesota Historical Society.
2- White Fragility; Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism; Robin Diangelo. An easy to read book that helps to unwrap the layers of racism and our own fears about discovering how we have benefited from the structural inequities in our society.
#3 Staying Awake; Tyler Sit. Written by a local pastor, a really easy read about how we can keep awake during these times.
#4- I’m Still Here; Austin Channing Brown. A personal reflection on race in America.
#5- The Warmth of Other Suns: Isabel Wilkerson. Probably the most impactful book I have ever read. Personal stories of the Great Migration that happened after the Civil War. The families stories of choices that were forced upon them, moved me beyond measure and changed the way I view the ongoing North/South battles.
To Watch:
American Experience: Seeing Isaac Woodard; a powerful story of a man who moved American leaders to make changes to the laws and structures of the Jim Crow era.
Just Mercy; A powerful Book and Movie about the impact and inequities of the American Prison System.
These are a few of the  things that have had impact on me over the last couple of years. I look forward to a discussion with the congregation about next steps in our journey towards better understanding this place in time.
Pastor Kyle