Confirmation at St. James Lutheran Church

Crosswalk Confirmation at St. James begins in 7th grade and concludes with the Affirmation Confirmation in spring of 9th grade.

Our Confirmation ministry is a time of intense spiritual discernment and growth. Our worshiping community understands that the middle school years are filled great transition in every facet of life. We want those in the midst of this transition to know they are not on their journeys alone. We want to share with our students the rock of faith that has kept us secure so they can rely on it as well. This is an age when students look critically at what they have learned at home and desire to make their own choices. During Confirmation we give them the tools to understand their lives in the context of God’s great and on-going story, building a foundation they can count on for the rest of their lives. We present these tools in a variety of ways. We have large-group teaching time, small-group processing time, individual reflection time, guest speakers, multi-church fellowship, and service projects. We grow leadership from within our ministry, giving the students opportunities to lead worship, help our community, and shine with the unique gifts God has given to each one. Of course, through it all, QUESTIONS are welcome!

We will take one year each to study the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Luther’s Small Catechism (the Lord’s Prayer, Apostle’s Creed, and Ten Commandments).
7 and 8th grade classes (CrossWalk), meets Wednesdays September through May.  The 9th grade year (Affirm Seminar) includes a handful of capstone classes culminating in Confirmation Celebration in the spring.
Pastor Randy welcomes conversations about St. James’ Confirmation ministry.
9th Grade